Tenure and Promotion Congratulations

Dear Knox Community,

It gives me very great pleasure to announce formally that at its recently concluded June meeting, the Knox College Board of Trustees accepted my recommendations and awarded tenure to two faculty members: Cyn Fitch, English/Creative Writing, and ​​Jeff Grace, Theatre. It was my privilege to bring these valued colleagues forward to the Board upon the recommendations of the Faculty Personnel Committee and Dean Behling. In addition, ​​Linda Dybas​ ’64​, Watson Bartlett Professor of Biology​,​ was ​awarded emeritus status as she concludes a faculty career at Knox that began in 1977.

Cyn Fitch, English/Creative Writing, earned her M.F.A. degree from Spalding University and her B.A. from Knox. Her teaching interests include creative writing, beginning to advanced fiction and non-fiction taught in a workshop setting, composition and rhetoric, and modern and contemporary American literature with an emphasis on Southern writers. An accomplished writer, Fitch has published more than 10 short stories and essays in her time at Knox, in publications including: ​​The Louisville Review, the Menda City Review, Midwestern Gothic, and ​in ​anthologies ​​Motif3: All the Livelong Day (Motes Books) and ​​Hard to Parent, Easy to Love (DRT Press). In 2010, she published her collection of short stories, ​​Ten Tongues: stories. (Louisville: MotesBooks; paperback 2012). She also was an invited participant in the Wet Mountain Valley Writer’s Workshop in 2013 and named a Top Ten Finalist in 2009 ​South Million Writers Award. Current projects include ​​Rainy Moon Rising, a novel; ​​The Angry Chick’s Guide to Survival, a collection of essays; and an untitled in-progress collection of essays on the intersection of the Divine and self. Fitch has served on the Committee on Faculty Resources, the Off-Campus Studies Committee, and in the English Department, serves as faculty advisor for Milk Route Senior Reading Series and ​​Cellar Door, both outlets for students to present their work.
Jeff Grace, Theatre, earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University, his M.S. in Education, also from Indiana, and his B.A. from Brigham Young University. His teaching interests include theatre history, directing, American alternative theatre, gay and lesbian theatre, postmodernism, historical Off-Off-Broadway, rise of the modern director, drag narratives and the performed body. In 2012, he received the Philip Green Wright-Lombard College Prize for Excellence in Teaching for Tenured Faculty. A creative and accomplished director, Grace’s ​many ​credits include: ​​The Caffe Cino Project, Next Fall, The Causasian Chalk Circle, Under Construction, and ​​The Serpent, and ​​The Secret in the Wings, as part of Repertory Term Winter 2016. In addition, Grace’s scholarly includes work on Caffe Cino, the 1950s-60s outside/underground theatre in New York world that came to be known as “Off-Off Broadway”; ​his ​publications include “Coming Out at the Caffe Cino: Emancipation from the Dramatic Closet,” (Public Theatre and Theatre Publics). ​His conference presentations have focused on re/visioning homosexual stage characters, camp performance at the Caffe Cino, and analysis of various plays performed at the Caffe Cino. Grace’s service at Knox has included Academic Standing Committee, the Diversity Committee, and ​many ​search committees​, including, most recently the search for the Vice President for Student Development. ​He also has served as a co-chair for the Mid-American Theatre Conference.

​Please join me in congratulating each of these members of the Knox faculty on this milestone in their careers and in thanking our newest Emeritus Professor for ​her years of distinguished service to Knox.