Hoyt Co-Authored Article

Helen Hoyt (Chemistry) co-authored an article with Knox chemistry graduates Michael Supej ’15, Alexander Volkov ’16, and Louisa Darko ’16. Knox collaborators for Mossbauer spectroscopy include Charles Schulz (Physics) and Knox physics graduate Ryan West ’14. External collaborators include researchers Kraig Wheeler (Eastern Illinois University) for X-ray spectroscopy and Jonathan Darmon (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) for computational consultation. The article was based upon the research done by these Knox students over the course of three summers and two senior honors thesis projects, and it is entitled “Aryl-Substituted BIAN Complexes of Iron Dibromide: Synthesis, X-ray and Electronic Structure, and Catalytic Hydrosilylation Activity.” It appears in an issue of Polyhedron (2016, Vol. 114C, pp. 403-413).

Through August 2, 2016, the article can be accessed free of charge: