McAndrew Publications

Frank McAndrew (Psychology) has several new publications this summer.

He has published a chapter on “Workplace Gossip” in the Oxford Bibliographies in Management (Oxford University Press).

He also has an article in the most recent issue of Evolutionary Psychological Science. The title of the article is “When strangers start to gossip: Investigating the effects of gossip on cooperation in a prisoner’s dilemma game. His coauthors on this study were Charlotte De Backer & Konrad Rudnicki of the University of Antwerp, Christina Larson of UCLA, and Maryanne Fisher of St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia.

He also published an essay on “The Evolutionary Psychology of Mass Shootings” for CNN on July 8 (, and two different essays in HRZone, an online British magazine for human resources professionals. The titles of the HRZone essays were “Understanding the Office Creep” and “Gossip in your office probably does more good than harm.”