Carlin Metz Update

Liz Carlin Metz (Theatre) directed a stage reading of the play A Silver Dish adapted from the Saul Bellow short story by Joanne Koch and performed at the renown Cliff Dwellers Literary Society in Chicago, one of the oldest literary societies in the USA. Performing in the cast were Knox alumni Kelly Lynn Hogan and Jack Dryden.

Reminder: Knox 101: How to be a Social Media Ambassador, Nov. 2

Dear Knox Community,

We’re pleased to announce the first Knox 101: Brown Bag Lunch presentation of the academic year. Please join us on Wednesday, November 2 at noon in the Trustees Room in Alumni Hall for the following:

Social Media 101: How to be a Social Media Ambassador

Social media is more important than ever when it comes to the College’s communications efforts—today traffic from Facebook and Twitter can account for up to 20 percent of our total website visits. Join the Office of Communications for a discussion on the importance of social media, how we use our primary channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat), and how you can be a social media ambassador for the College.

The Knox 101: Brown Bag Lunch series is sponsored by the President’s Council and Human Resources. Bring your lunch and join in this discussion to learn more about these important campus initiatives.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, November 2.



Choma Designs for Chicago Productions

Craig Choma (Theatre) is the scenic designer for the North American premiere of “Multitudes.” “Multitudes” is a production that opened in Chicago on October 21. It is playing in the Richard Christensen Theatre at the Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago, and was directed by Liz Carlin Metz (Theatre), through a collaboration between her company, Vitalist Theatre, and two other Chicago Theatre Companies, Rasaka Theatre and The International Voices Project. The production will run through November 13.

Choma is also the scenic designer for a production of Frank Capra’s unforgettable story, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” to be staged at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights, IL. The production will be in rep. with a production of “A Christmas Carol,” headlining their holiday showcase. The production opens on November 27 and runs through December 27.

Kasser Gives Talks

Tim Kasser (Psychology) has recently given four talks. First, he was an invited participant at a workshop on Material Demand Reduction at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; he presented a paper on “Living both well and sustainably: A review of the literature, with some reflections on future research, interventions, and policy” and served as the discussant of another participant’s paper. In October he gave virtual talks on “Values, Communications, and Campaigning” to graduate level seminars at York University in Canada and Antioch University in New Hampshire. Finally, he spoke on “Communicating about Climate Change: Why Values Matter” at the Galesburg Sustainable Business Center.

Noriega Presented in Cuba

Julio Noriega (Modern Languages and Literature) presented at Casa de las Américas on October 14 “Mensajeros indígenas en cuentos transatlánticos / Indigenous Messengers in Transatlantic Short Stories” at the II Coloquio Internacional de Estudios sobre Culturas Originarias de América, held in La Havana, Cuba.

McAndrew Lectured in Amsterdam

Frank McAndrew (Psychology) recently gave several invited lectures at Vrije University (VU) in Amsterdam. He gave two different talks on the evolutionary psychology of gossip in the Department of Organization Sciences at VU, and he also gave a lecture to the evolutionary psychology lab group in the VU psychology department. The title of this talk was “Creeped Out: Psychology, Evolution, & Creepiness.” McAndrew also recently published a magazine article on “the psychology behind why clowns creep us out” in response to the latest rash of creepy clown sightings around the world. The article appeared in more than a dozen different publications including Time, PBS Newshour, Salon, Scientific American, The Daily Beast, The Daily Mail, & The New Republic. This article also led to more than three dozen requests for interviews from TV, radio, and print media outlets. The article can be viewed at the following link:

Thrall Presents on Religion and Science Fiction

James Thrall (Religious Studies) presented papers on representations of sacred texts in Philip K. Dick’s science fiction novel The Man in the High Castle and the Amazon Prime television series based on it, at the International Society for Media, Religion and Culture conference in Seoul, Korea, in August, and the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in September. The papers drew on a book chapter on “The Authority of Sacred Texts in Science Fiction” that Thrall contributed to The Routledge Companion to Literature and Religion published earlier this year.

Heidt Presents at Conference

Todd Heidt (Modern Languages – German) participated in a roundtable discussion at the German Studies Association meeting in San Diego, September 29-October 2. The roundtable was titled “German Language Policy and Support in North America: Challenges and Opportunities Confronting the Teaching and Learning of German.” Heidt also served as the Program Director for the conference, which drew over 1300 scholars from 5 continents.