McAndrew Lectured in Amsterdam

Frank McAndrew (Psychology) recently gave several invited lectures at Vrije University (VU) in Amsterdam. He gave two different talks on the evolutionary psychology of gossip in the Department of Organization Sciences at VU, and he also gave a lecture to the evolutionary psychology lab group in the VU psychology department. The title of this talk was “Creeped Out: Psychology, Evolution, & Creepiness.” McAndrew also recently published a magazine article on “the psychology behind why clowns creep us out” in response to the latest rash of creepy clown sightings around the world. The article appeared in more than a dozen different publications including Time, PBS Newshour, Salon, Scientific American, The Daily Beast, The Daily Mail, & The New Republic. This article also led to more than three dozen requests for interviews from TV, radio, and print media outlets. The article can be viewed at the following link: