Call for Bookfellow Prize Submissions

Seymour Library awards the Bookfellow Prize each year to the Knox student who has completed the course assignment or senior research/honors project showing the most sophisticated and productive application of the library’s collections and resources to his or her research topic or creative project. In awarding the prize, we look for projects showing evidence of

*a successful research strategy that has identified a variety of relevant primary and secondary sources in multiple publishing formats;
*the application of library resources to a clearly stated and successfully argued thesis or hypothesis, or to a successfully realized creative project;
*consistent and thorough citation and documentation of library resources applied to the project.

The Bookfellow Prize is open to all students in all disciplines for work completed not earlier than the 2016 spring term. The 2016 Bookfellow Prize was awarded to Becky Hixon for her honors project “The Makings of a Man: Masculinity in Shakespeare’s Second Historical Tetralogy.”

Papers may be submitted through Friday, May 5, to Tanna Cullen in the Director’s office, Seymour Library. The prize will be awarded at the 2017 honors reception on Thursday, May 18.