Protecting Knox Information

From Teresa Amott

Dear Knox Community,

This weekend’s ransomware cyberattacks in more than 100 countries, following on the recent Google phishing scheme that affected more than 1 million Gmail accounts, prompts me to write to you today to urge your cooperation in safeguarding Knox’s information systems against intrusion and theft. To keep us all safe and secure, Knox has recently adopted an Information Security Policy that provides guidance to our employees in accordance with the evolving best practices in higher education and information management. You can read the policy here.

To help us all follow these best practices, we have selected and trained thirty-five staff members to act as Information Security Liaisons for the various operating units of the College. Their role is to implement the security policy and best practices and to raise the specific information security concerns in each of their respective areas. You will each be hearing soon from the Vice President in your area to let you know who in your area has been charged with this critical role. The liaisons will serve as resources to you in your work at Knox, but much of what they will share is also applicable to safeguard your private information and protect you from identity theft, ransomware, and other problems that can arise on your home devices if you are not vigilant.

Over the next several weeks, we will also be sharing with you new technologies that will help us keep Knox information safe and secure. But keep in mind that Information Security isn’t all computers—your liaison will also share helpful tips for basic office security (e.g., close and lock your door, be selective about paper documents on your desk and what you put in the trash or recycle, etc.).

There will be more details to follow, so please stay tuned. I know well how the competing demands for your time intensify in May, but it is clear from the headlines that attacks on our information are intensifying as well, and we will all need to work together to protect our information systems. I thank you all in advance for your cooperation in this vital matter.