Gilbert and Sauer Attended Online Museum Exhibit Workshop at Macalester College

From June 28-30, Gregory Gilbert (Art and Art History) and Laurie Sauer (Seymour Library) attended the ACM FaCE-sponsored workshop “Museum Re-Imaginings: Teaching Through the Development of a Virtual College Museum” at Macalester College. The workshop provided training in developing online exhibitions for academic programs. Gilbert and Sauer are planning to digitize the college’s art and archival collections as part of an art museum studies initiative at the college. Last spring term, Sauer supervised students in creating the digital exhibit “Knox College Experiences the First World War.”

Affirming our Commitment to Title IX

Dear Knox Community,

Last week, the Office of Civil Rights of the U. S. Department of Education announced changes in Title IX procedures, rescinding Obama-era guidance from 2011 and 2014. The department also issued a new Q&A on Campus Sexual Misconduct and announced a notice and comment process for gathering feedback from the public. Although we are still reviewing these changes and will continue to monitor further developments, the core mandate of Title IX remains: providing a prompt, equitable process for resolving complaints of sex discrimination, including complaints of sexual misconduct.

I write today to affirm Knox College’s commitment to that core Title IX mandate and to nurturing the underlying culture of respect necessary for an educational environment of equity and inclusion. We are confident our current Policy and Procedures related to sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, and interpersonal violence provide an equitable process for all parties—and these remain in effect. We will also continue to observe the requirements set forth by the State of Illinois for all institutions of higher education, including the use of the preponderance of evidence standard (established as part of the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act), as well as the requirements under the VAWA Amendments to the Clery Act.

Throughout the early weeks of this term, we have engaged new and returning students and employees in the project of building the Knox culture of respect. Through interactive online programs, in workshops led by peer educators and staff, and working in partnership with RAs, OLs, SPARK Mentors, Admission Ambassadors, and student leaders in Greek Life, Athletics, and Student Organizations, we continue our efforts to prevent all forms of sexual misconduct on our campus. As President Amott, Interim Dean of the College Mike Schneider, and Vice President for Student Development Anne Ehrlich said in their comments to open the year, let all of us at Knox help ensure that this College is one that has no tolerance for sexual violence by holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions.

If you have any questions about the College’s commitment to Title IX, please contact me. Additional information and resources are available online here.

Kimberly K. Schrader
Title IX Coordinator

Lombard’s Works in Brooklyn Gallery

Lynette Lombard (Art and Art History) is in a current 3 person show, Crossroads, at the Sideshow Gallery, in Brooklyn, NY.

Peter Acheson, wrote in the catalogue essay, “Lombard, Radell, and Paulson: In the work of all three, image begins with paint and activity. Their images suggest narratives, but narratives in which the voice and the story are interchangeable, indeed the same substance.

Lombard’s landscapes seek to reinsert specific landscapes, emotionally significant to the artist, into dramatic situations of color…”

The show is on view through October 10, 2017.

Kasser Gave Talk at WIU

Tim Kasser (Psychology) recently gave an invited talk at Western Illinois University-Quad Cities. The talk was titled “Capitalism, values, and quality of life:
 An empirical, psychological approach.”

Ferrigno Exhibits in Savannah, GA and Brooklyn, NY

Andrea Ferrigno’s (Art and Art History) work was selected to exhibit in Micro/Macro in Savannah, GA in “Micro/Macro”.

“Micro//Macro” prompted artsits to submit work that examines the very small, the very large, or the relationship between the two. What can we learn when we step outside of our usual perspective? What is revealed at the cosmic or microscopic level?

Opening Reception: Friday, September 15th from 6 – 9PM
Exhibition Runs: September 14th – 30th
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, noon – 5PM
More information:

Recent work by Ferrigno was selected for “Third Annual Hand-Pulled Prints: The Current Practice in Printmaking” at Site Brooklyn, NY.

The work was juried by Maria Ancona. Marina Ancona’s publishing and collaborative projects have been exhibited internationally, including the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Leo Koenig Gallery, Art in General, and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Institute of Contemporary Art. She has conducted lectures and workshops at Bard College, Sarah Lawrence College, SUNY Purchase, and Pratt Institute, Park Avenue Armory Print Fair, among other institutions.
More information:

Gilbert Article on Robert Rauschenberg in The Art Newspaper

Gregory Gilbert, Art and Art History, has published the article “The Hell of Modern Media: On Rauschenberg’s Dante Series.” Gilbert’s article examines Rauschenberg’s radical print series Thirty-Four Illustrations for Dante’s Inferno. In keeping with Dante’s own use of allegory to comment on political and social issues, Rauschenberg’s works were a coded response to the cultural and political crises of the Cold War and their representation in modern media.’s-dante-series

For All Student String Players

From Bruce Polay:

First, congratulations on coming to Knox or welcome back! For first-year folks, you will find this to be an outstanding campus that allows you much individualized opportunity in both your academic interests and what we call “co-curricular” activities.

RE the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, please contact me so that we can set up an audition. We have openings in violin, viola, cello, bass, and percussion. As for repertoire, it would be great if you could play some short excerpts from a couple of different styles, classical and romantic are the best representatives. Please don’t worry about playing a concerto unless you are planning to excerpt from one that you have already learned.

RE the Knox College String Ensemble, it is open to all string playing students without audition. Directed by Carolyn Suda, principal cello of the KGS. Unfortunately, SE will not be available until winter term. You may contact Carolyn Suda at or for further information.

I look forward to meeting you and, of course, to hearing you play. You might also consider private violin or viola instruction with my wife Louise who is the concertmaster of the KGS, or cello from Mrs. Suda.

Thoughts on the Opening of the Academic Year

Dear Knox Community,

We start this new academic year burdened by current events that affect us all. In Charlottesville, we witnessed white supremacist violence and hatred. Changes in federal policy threaten to erode hard-won gains of Dreamers, transgender people, and survivors of sexual violence. Acts of terrorism and human rights violations continue around the world. Millions are imperiled by natural disasters across the planet, and famine stalks millions more.

In the face of these events, we call on every Knox community member to uphold our mission and values. We all share the responsibility for creating a culture of respect that affirms and protects the dignity and rights of every human being, regardless of their identities and locations on the planet. In our classrooms, offices, living spaces, playing fields, and performance spaces, let us all:

Challenge ourselves to create a place where diversity is accompanied by respect, inclusion, and full and equitable participation in every educational opportunity.

Recognize that we may benefit from privilege because of aspects of our identity such as our race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, age, background, beliefs, or ability.

Build bridges across difference, listen respectfully to voices with which we disagree, and transform ourselves so that society, in turn, may be transformed.

Take action for social and political change by advocating for the causes you believe in, standing with those you care about, and letting your voice be heard.

Tensions will inevitably arise in a remarkably diverse environment like ours. The privileges afforded to many of us are often hard to acknowledge, much less relinquish. And speech with which we disagree can be difficult to hear. These are the critical challenges of our educational mission, and so we ask that all of us at Knox—students, faculty, and staff alike—help ensure that this College is a truly inclusive and equitable community, one that welcomes disagreement, dialogue, and debate, but has no tolerance for hatred, intimidation, or violence.

While Knox has a storied history, one rooted in the ideals of our founders who spoke out against slavery and aspired to make higher education accessible to all, let us honor this history by holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions in this present moment. This is the work of moral leadership to which we invite you.


Teresa L. Amott, President

Michael A. Schneider, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

Anne Ehrlich, Vice President for Student Development

P.S. As we greet both new and familiar faces to Knox in the coming weeks, please take a moment to check in with each other and reach out to those who have been impacted by recent events. And always remember that whether you call the Knox campus home for four years or for 40, you are a valued member of our community.