Gilbert Participated in Motherwell Symposium at Art Institute of Chicago

Gregory Gilbert (Art and Art History) was invited to participate in a special study symposium on the artist Robert Motherwell that was held at the Art Institute of Chicago on Friday, October 6. The symposium was devoted to Motherwell’s 1972 album of prints illustrating Rafael Alberti’s book of poetry A la Pintura. The symposium was sponsored by the Dedalus Foundation in New York City. In 2015, Gilbert was the recipient of a Dedalus Foundation Visiting Scholar at the Archives of American Art Fellowship for his research on the relation of Pragmatism and modern American poetry to the collages of Motherwell.

Gonzales Blog Post

A recent blog post by Teresa Gonzales (Sociology) appears on the Everyday Sociology Blog.

Here is an excerpt:

“While A Strangeness in My Mind does not speak to the ongoing issues of poverty in the United States, it does highlight the universal paths that many people take in their search for economic security, community, and to live a life of dignity, with happiness and love. For Mevlut, he felt strangeness in his mind when in a sea of anonymous people, in a vast city, where no one could guess his thoughts. We might also think about disrupting perceptions and geographies of poverty as creating a needed strangeness in our collective minds.”

Denial Led Workshop; Primary Source Set Published

On September 27, Cate Denial (History) led a pedagogy workshop for history, art history, and anthropology faculty at the University of Central Missouri. The workshop focused on interactive, history-focused class activities, developing historical imagination, and trouble-shooting common problems with survey classes.

On September 28, Denial’s primary source set, “Powhatan People and the English at Jamestown,” was published by the Digital Public Library of America at its website, Denial is a member of the DPLA’s Educational Advisory Committee, and works with seventeen other educators from around the country to support the educational mission of the organization.