Carlin Metz Directs/Co-Produces Merchant on Venice Production

Liz Carlin Metz (Theatre) directed and co-produced the Rasaka Theatre and Vitalist Theatre (Chicago) co-production of Merchant on Venice by Shishir Karup at The Greenhouse Theatre on Lincoln Avenue. The production opened March 22 and was recommended by The Joseph Jefferson Committee for award consideration at the forthcoming Equity Category (the actors’ union) awards ceremony (“The Jeffs” are the Chicago Theatre community’s Tony Award). The production runs until April 15 and performs Thursday-Sunday. The play is a South Asian reimagining of the plot and language of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice set on Los Angeles’ polyglot Venice BLVD in which the tension of the plot is driven by the historical conflict between Muslims (the money lender) and Hindus (the merchant and friends). Exploring the qualities of empathy and grace, as well as blame and internalized and externalized religious bigotry, Merchant mixes it up with song, dance, and romance through the clash/mash of South Asian culture.

Knox alumni involved in the production include Emily Antoff (assistant director/assistant producer), Craig Choma (set designer), Rachel Sypniewski (costume designer), Kathleen Dickinson (production manager), Marty Helms (master carpenter), and Theresa Murphy (master electrician).