Last night’s incident in Dining Services

From Keith Archer:
We want to take a moment to respond to a recent incident in the Hard Knox Cafe. Last night, the Knox College dining services staff was approached by a student who indicated she had found what appeared to be a worm on a piece of steak. Dining services immediately took action. All food items on the line were inspected; no worms or insects of any sort were found. To err on the side of caution, and recognizing that worms of this sort can be found in lettuce, all lettuce was pulled from the cafe, including pizza that had lettuce as a topping. Staff confirmed that all produce had been double washed per protocol. All additional food storage areas, including the container in which the meat was stored, were inspected; there was no sign of insects of any kind. All inspections were repeated this morning, and, again, no insects of any kind were found. As a food service establishment, the Hard Knox Cafe is inspected regularly by the Knox County Health Department. Scores for all recent evaluations were in the 90s out of a total of 100 possible points. We care deeply about the well-being of our students, and recognize that food is an integral part of the college experience. We will continue to work closely with students to meet their needs.