Dixon-Montgomery Presented at ALARA Conference

Jessie Dixon-Montgomery (Spanish) presented a paper at ALARA conference–Afro-Latin American Research Association–in Houston, TX on August 9, 2018. The title of her presentation was “Afro-Hispanic Aesthetics and Identity through the Cuban Underground Hip Hop of Los Paisanos and Obsesión.” In her presentation, she analyzed two songs by Los Paisanos and Obesión, that proudly assert blackness through self-affirmation of natural African-heritage hair to promote and protect the collective integrity of black people, and reconceptualize their beauty and identity as African-descended Cubans. Following the postcolonial theoretical framework of psychoanalyst Frantz Fanon and the self-affirmation theory of psychologist Claude Steele, Dixon-Montgomery discussed how these rappers boldly reject the dominant Eurocentric ideologies and embrace their Afrocentric traits to break the chains of ideologies that have mentally enslaved black people and define their own standard of aesthetics.

McAndrew Updates

Frank McAndrew (Psychology) recently wrote two articles for the Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. One of the chapters was on “Costly Signaling Theory” and the second was on “War.”

McAndrew also published an essay in The Conversation that was picked up be many newspapers and internet news outlets including the San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and The Houston Chronicle. The title of the article was “Why we still fall for the ‘Nigerian Prince‘ scam.” McAndrew’s essay on grieving over the loss of a dog was also recently republished in Upworthy.

During the past month, McAndrew has also done interviews on gossip with the Washington Post and with Prof Magazine, and an interview on “why we are scared of clowns” with Business Insider.

Crawford Presented at Fall American Chemical Society Meeting

Mary Crawford (Chemistry) was an invited speaker in three different symposiums at the Fall American Chemical Society Meeting. She spoke about the importance of creating a welcoming environment for everyone at a symposium on the “Importance of LGBTQ role models and mentors in chemical sciences: A symposium on Honor of Barbara Belmont.” She talked about “Supplemental Instruction, Trio and Chemistry” at a symposium on Trio and Chemistry. Crawford also participated in a symposium where she shared her personal journey of being a mom in academia as part of the release of the book, “Mom the Chemistry Professor” in which she is a contributing author. She attended the governance meeting of the Division of Professional Relations of which she is currently serving as the Chair-elect.

Lombard and Gant Exhibit Art in Spain

Lynette Lombard and Tony Gant (Art) exhibited their work at the La Barquilla Gallery in Sorbas, Spain:

Confluence Exhibition: Five Person Show: Frederique Edy, Tony Gant, Lynette Lombard, Thomas Neukirch and Uli Schwander, La Barquilla Gallery, Sorbas, Spain, June 2018

Kasser Article Published

Tim Kasser (Psychology) recently had an article published with Mariam Chrdileli ’18. The article, entitled “Guilt, Shame, and Apologizing Behavior: A Laboratory Study” was published on-line by Personality & Individual Differences and will appear in print later this year. The paper is based on Chrdileli’s senior research project in Psychology, which Kasser supervised.