Dixon-Montgomery Presented at ALARA Conference

Jessie Dixon-Montgomery (Spanish) presented a paper at ALARA conference–Afro-Latin American Research Association–in Houston, TX on August 9, 2018. The title of her presentation was “Afro-Hispanic Aesthetics and Identity through the Cuban Underground Hip Hop of Los Paisanos and Obsesión.” In her presentation, she analyzed two songs by Los Paisanos and Obesión, that proudly assert blackness through self-affirmation of natural African-heritage hair to promote and protect the collective integrity of black people, and reconceptualize their beauty and identity as African-descended Cubans. Following the postcolonial theoretical framework of psychoanalyst Frantz Fanon and the self-affirmation theory of psychologist Claude Steele, Dixon-Montgomery discussed how these rappers boldly reject the dominant Eurocentric ideologies and embrace their Afrocentric traits to break the chains of ideologies that have mentally enslaved black people and define their own standard of aesthetics.