Hord Presented at Conferences

Fred Hord (Africana Studies), was invited–by the University of Illinois Press–to present on a panel at the “100 Years of Publishing Lincoln” symposium in Springfield, Illinois. The book on African American views of Lincoln, which he co-edited with Knox alum, Matt Norman, and contributed to, will be published next spring by that press as part of the Knox College Lincoln Studies Center.

Hord (Executive Director/founder of ABCC & Chair of Africana Studies-Knox College) also presented at the Association for Black Culture Centers’ 27th conference at Rutgers University. The ABCC is a national organization of Black, Latino, Asian American and Native American Centers across the country that network to share various experiences, and learn best practices in working with Culture Centers across the country. This conference provides Professional Development opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and their local communities. Over 40 colleges and Universities were represented. The conference theme was “Where Do We Go From Here: Treasuring the History and Future of Our Culture.” Knox sent 5 representatives to the conference, including 3 students; it serves as the current ABCC headquarters.