Embrace Your Knox Friendships

To the Class of 2020,

I was saddened to learn that your campus will be closed for the balance of the spring term. When I heard that the campus would be closed, I thought, “Well, at least they’ll have the last several weeks together.” I didn’t think I could be wrong on that thought. This is truly an unfortunate time in several ways.

I’m from the class of 1984, and I have never missed a Knox homecoming. I love going to homecoming to connect with classmates and others. Because of the Knox “5-year” reunions, I know I’m always going to run into people from the classes of 1981 through 1987 whom I know. If I had attended a big school, I don’t think I could say that. My point is: embrace your Knox friendships and keep in touch with each other! 

I know many of you will be turning 21 soon without your classmates there to celebrate with you. Now, there is a possibility that you won’t get to experience Senior Week, graduation, etc. But going forward, you will be able to go to each other’s weddings, perhaps share vacations, etc. I encourage you to make it to homecoming, especially in 2020! Make it a class goal. Make it be like no other homecoming! I look forward to seeing you there! 

Given these stressful times, as a fitness enthusiast, I encourage you to do some type of workout since all the gyms are closed. At least go for a walk and get some fresh air from time to time — of course keeping your distance.

Good luck to you!

Bernie O’Connell ’84  

Class President