You Will See Your Friends Again

From Jill Krippel ’13:

When I graduated from Knox, the thing that made my heart break was the realization that I might not see some of the people I had spent four years of my life with ever again. The Knox community shares a strong bond, and I was afraid that once I was off campus, it would fray. Now, almost seven years after graduation, I am relieved to say that I was wrong. You don’t get to see them every day anymore, but the ties you made between your fellow Knoxies don’t unravel with time. It may be a year or two between visits, but once you see each other again, it’s like time didn’t pass. You will see so many people at homecomings and weddings that you never imagined getting to see again, and you will be able to make a few more fond memories with them. Being at home without the community physically surrounding you is a drastic change that came too soon for you, but it’s not over. You will see your friends again. You will see your professors again. Knox doesn’t end once you leave campus. It’s with you for life.