Staff Weather Warning – Contact Supervisor

Due to the severe weather on November 26, many roads remain impassable, especially in outlying areas.

To serve our students, it is important that we attempt to stay open whenever possible. At the same time, we do not expect or ask that you take unwise chances in attempting to get to work. Employees who can are urged to work from home. If your work involves caring for students who live on campus (esp. dining service, building services, student life), please contact your supervisor immediately so that we can maintain as many services as possible.

Campus buildings will remain locked. If you need a building unlocked, please contact campus safety at ext. 7979, but be patient. Also, please note that the City of Galesburg snow emergency remains in effect. Please park in campus parking lots, not on city streets.

Use common sense, and call your supervisor if you encounter difficulties in getting to work on time. We expect road conditions to improve throughout the day, but we much appreciate your patience and dedication.

Stay safe.