Hellenga Publishes New Novel

Robert Hellenga, George Appleton Lawrence Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of English and Distinguished Writer-in-Residence, has published a new book, Love, Death & Rare Books. From an early review from Booklist, “All of Hellenga’s novels revel in the details of their protagonists’ occupations, and this one is no different: it is an ode to physical books, their smell and feel, but also to the idea of both living life and reading about it, not choosing one over the other.”

Gilbert Gives Lecture at College Art Association Conference

Gregory Gilbert, professor, art and art history, presented the talk “Developing a Specialized Identity as an Art History Generalist in a Teaching College” at the annual College Art Association Conference in Chicago on February 15. He spoke in the innovative pedagogy session “The Art History Generalist: Challenges, Strategies and the Future of Teaching Art History.” His talk focused on developing teaching programs and strategies that benefit student academic development while also providing a professional outlet for advancing faculty research agendas.

Dooley Book Wins Award

William and Marilyn Ingersoll Professor Emeritus of Computer Science John F Dooley’s book History of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis: Codes, Ciphers, and their Algorithms has won a Choice Reviews award for Outstanding Academic Title for 2019. This prestigious list reflects the best in scholarly titles reviewed by Choice during the previous calendar year. Fewer than 9% of the books on the list were selected for the Outstanding Academic Title award in 2019.

A publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Librarians, Choice supports the work and professional development of academic librarians by providing tools and services that help them become more effective advocates for their patrons.

Civettini Reads Chapter from His Upcoming book at Princeton

Andrew Civettini, associate professor of political science, attended an invited author workshop at the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University on February 7 and 8. Civettini read his paper, “Hope as a Foundation for Future-Oriented Political Behavior,” which will be a chapter in the upcoming Hope volume in the Oxford University Press series, The Virtues. The 15-volume set will be published over the next several years, with Hope due out in late 2020 or early 2021. The first two volumes, Justice and Humility, are available now.