Kampwirth News

Karen Kampwirth (political science) presented a paper entitled “Feminismo, Derechos LGBT, y la Segunda Revolución Sandinista en Nicaragua” at the 10th annual Argentine Congress of Social Anthropology in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 29-December 2, 2011.

Muelder News

Owen Muelder (Director of the Knox College Underground Railroad Freedom Center) has been invited by the U. S. Capitol Historical Society to be one of its featured speakers in February as part of the Society’s celebration of African-American History Month. The title of Muelder’s speech is “Owen Lovejoy: Congressmen, Abolitionist and Underground Railroad Operator.” Lovejoy was one of the most openly active Underground Railroad agents in the north before the civil war. His house in Princeton, IL, which still stands, was used to harbor fugitive slaves who were escaping northward. Lovejoy was elected to the US House of Representative in the mid 1850s, where he delivered spirited anti-slavery speeches on the floor of Congress. Muelder’s remarks will be delivered on Feb. 3 in the Rayburn House Office Building Gold Room during a luncheon sponsored by the USCHS. The following day, Muelder will present a talk on Knox College Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad at noon at Pier 7 restaurant sponsored by the DC Knox Club.

Kasser News

Tim Kasser (psychology) participated in a variety of activities in Europe over winter break. Kasser helped run several workshops on “Values and Campaigning” in Vienna, Austria, in Brussels, Belgium (3x), and in Edinburgh Scotland. He also gave public talks on values, quality of life, and capitalism at BOKU University (Austria), at the University of Gent (Belgium), and at the University of St. Andrews, Govan Together, and the Centre for Confidence and Well-being (Scotland). Three additional talks on values, sustainability, and well-being were given at government-sponsored events, including two conferences sponsored by the Scottish Government at which Kasser was the keynote speaker and another presentation given to the Directorate General of the European Commission – Health & Consum ers (in Brussels). Also, Kasser recently had a chapter entitled “Materialistic Value Orientation” published in The Palgrave Handbook of Spirituality and Business.