Touching up the stairwells in GDH

Paint crews cover every nook and cranny of the stairwells in George Davis Hall with new paint as part of the campus repaint currently underway.

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Cross-Campus Pathway Resurfacing

Student workers spread and compact new crushed limestone on the pathway between Cherry Street and Seymour Union.

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Carpet Removal in Founders

Contractors work diligently to pull up the carpet in the Founders Lab as part of the ongoing renovations.

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Seymour Union Entry Ramp

Earth-moving is the first stage of construction of the new entry ramp on the east side of Seymour Union, providing access to the Union and Founders Lab, also undergoing renovation this summer.

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Don’t Touch the Trim… Paint It

With old walls, dividers and carpeting removed, a paint crew works in Founders Lab. The 24-hour computer lab is being renovated over the summer.

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Redecorating the Alumni Room

With furniture and wallpaper removed, a paint crew tackles the trim, during the renovation of the Alumni Room in Old Main.

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IT Staff Become Wrecking Crew

Staff from Information Technology Services traded their keyboards for crowbars and handled demolition themselves, removing old dividers and walls to start the renovation of Founders Lab in Seymour Union.

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Electronics Recycling

A summer student worker places a computer monitor into a cardboard recycling bin as part of Knox’s recycling program.

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Washing Windows

A summer student worker washes the windows on the south side of the Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center.

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Setting Chairs for Guests

Facilities services staff line up chairs for the audience, preparing the Knox College campus for Commencement 2014.

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