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IT Staff Become Wrecking Crew

Staff from Information Technology Services traded their keyboards for crowbars and handled demolition themselves, removing old dividers and walls to start the renovation of Founders Lab in Seymour Union.

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Electronics Recycling

A summer student worker places a computer monitor into a cardboard recycling bin as part of Knox’s recycling program.

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Washing Windows

A summer student worker washes the windows on the south side of the Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center.

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Setting Chairs for Guests

Facilities services staff line up chairs for the audience, preparing the Knox College campus for Commencement 2014.

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Working Ahead of Commencement

Facilities services staff adjust levels of choir risers, preparing the Knox College campus for Commencement 2014.

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Staff Rise to Challenge of Prepping for Commencement

Facilities services staff set up risers for the choir, as they prepare the Knox College campus for Commencement 2014.

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Painting on the Steps of Old Main

Staff painter checks primer coat on the north entry, during repainting of the steps of Old Main.

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Improvements on Baseball Field

Grounds crew works on a trench on Blodgett baseball field.

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Diseased Tree Removal

Diseased ash trees are removed next to the center field fence of Knox College’s Blodgett Baseball Field.

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Prepping for Homecoming

A member of the facilities services staff lays out reunion class banners before raising them on cables above Fleming Fieldhouse, in preparation for Homecomings 013, Oct 18-20.

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