Knox College Repertory Theatre Term XV

February 23, 2010


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Last week one of my duties during rehearsal was cat-sitting Sam Newport’s cat, Gaby. She is making her stage debut in Angels in America as Little Sheba! Anyway, Kristen (my fellow catsitter) and I left the room for about a minute, made sure she didn’t get out when we left, and came back to find her nowhere in the drafting studio! We panicked and started looking all over the basement of CFA including platform storage, the bathrooms and dressing rooms, and the green room. I went to Sam and told her, so she rushed back to the drafting studio and lo and behold, Gaby had cinched herself under a shelf that Sam had tried to block off. She had been there the entire time and nearly given us all a heart attack.

Other than that, things have been going swell! The technical elements of this show are absolutely astounding and apparently is the biggest spectacle Knox has ever put on! I watched parts of the tech run-throughs the other day and I could not stop flipping out at how cool everything was! So get excited!

February 22, 2010

London Bridge is Falling Down

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London Bridge is a metaphor for my excitement upon which Tech Week has taken its toll.  I’ve been thinking about what to write for a day…still nothing but TECH WEEK oozing from my pores. Tech week… This was my first tech experience and I was naively excited when it began.  Now I know better.  Yes, I fell asleep in many places I never thought possible: on panels, all over the backstage floor, on people. Anywhere because all we did was wait. It’s a four day doctor’s office, a purgatory, a prison.  I’ve gushed about Rep Term this whole time—I still love it—but my London Bridge of excitement is falling down. But then dress rehearsal arrived and made me giddy and nervous. Some costumes lighten my mood, quick changes stress me out, and the overall realization that this-show-is-happening-and-I-will-be-wearing-these-clothes-in-front-of-an-audience makes me expect more of myself, which makes me nervous that I won’t deliver…But there were moments tonight, as the show was running, when all of worries and self-criticism went away and I got to be Harper—for quick fiery moments—and it felt great. I can’t wait to feel that more and for longer and over and over again during the show. Tech was worth it…I guess.

February 6, 2010

Present in Absence

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I promise I’m not a method actor. This past week I missed Rep Term because I had a tiny kidney stone torture my body. I also took wee fistfuls of Vicodin (the amount was within the range of prescription), which though not exactly like Valium, gave me a good sense of how Harper feels toward Joe, loneliness, and the world.  Loneliness creates half the pain of confronting a physical trauma, especially when healing is a slow process.  There were high points though: the kidney stone pain crashed as I floated clumsily through my dorm room; but, I mostly wanted to be around people.  The experience made me see how desperately Harper wants human touch, not just because she loves Joe and craves sex, but also because of the Valium.  She needs someone stable breathing next to her as comfort but Joe consistently runs away.

Aside from further discovering Harper’s feelings, I learned some of my own. I like Rep Term. A lot. Thirty-six people is a crazy comfort of personalities. We make more than theatre and class discussion.  There were several faces I missed and hugs I looked forward to embracing at rehearsal. Rep Term is pushing us all but I think in some ways we’ve become a support system, an unconventional safety net.  It’s kind of nice.

February 2, 2010

Thinking ahead…

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When did it get to be Week Five?  It seems like both a hundred years ago and just yesterday when the thirty-six of us entered CFA (Center for Fine Arts) for the first time this winter term.  And yet here we are: set pieces are getting done, costumes are halfway built, all sorts of props have been procured, we are off book for all of both shows, and we act like a (albeit a crazy and dysfunctional) family.

Lately we’ve been getting reminders from Neil (Blackadder) about picking classes for next term, so life post-rep term has been on my mind.  While this experience has been crazy and intense, it’s hard to image not being in CFA for hours on end with this group of people.  I definitely have loved every moment of this experience thus far.

Back to reality- things have been going really well in the shop. On Monday we (myself, Margo, and the designers) went through the racks to see what we still needed to buy/rent/make/alter/bargain for.  I feel like we’re in a really good place right now.  Alicia and I finally finished our pajamas, and I’m working on lots of charts and lists and alterations right now. It’s really exciting to see everything start to come together!

Alright, I’ve got to go finish reading August Wilson’s King Hedley II & write a response for seminar tomorrow!

‘Till next time,


January 28, 2010

Silk Pajamas

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Hey there, lovely readers!

Sorry for the delay in blogs, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and was sent to bed =) Hope you missed me!

We’ve been busy as ever in the costume shop this past week! Everyone’s plugging along really nicely on their projects.  For instance, Alicia Vallorani and I have been working together to create a pair of red silk pajamas for the actor playing Prior in Perestroika (Shane Donegan). We’ve definitely had some hurdles: a collar that WOULD NOT sit right, seams that (I swear) ripped themselves out, and a pattern that was much larger than expected! But now we are close to the end and, I think, very proud of ourselves!

There’s some other really cool things happening in the shop.  Peter & Pat have been working in the dye area creating some REALLY cool looking things, several shop T.A.’s are hard at work creating dresses for the principalities (continental representations manifest as angels in heaven), and there’s even a Moses robe in production!

I, with designers Analise Rahn and Allison Smith and Margo (Shively), went into town last Saturday to search for various articles for the shows. It’s truly amazing what one after noon in Goodwill can accomplish.

Well, I better sign off now, I’m scheduled to be in the shop in three minutes and there’s still lots to do!

‘Till next time,