Knox College Repertory Theatre Term XV

February 11, 2010

All At Once

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A week before tech is such a crazy time, and we’re all experiencing about 60 emotions a minute: happiness at seeing our work coming together, frustration when we’re not moving fast enough or good enough, laughter and stress and an overwhelming feeling that I can’t even name that comes about spending every waking moment with the same 35 other people. I’ve had a lot of friends study abroad in their time at Knox, and they all say that they have such a hard time telling people about their experience.  It was their life while they were wherever, and it’s incredibly hard for them to put that into words.  That’s how Rep Term feels… even to the three of my apartments not in rep term (my roommate is also in the company), I don’t feel like I can accurately describe the experience.  It’s hard and stressful and educational and beautiful, all at once.

What has this week been filled with anyway?  In rehearsal we are at the point where we are only doing stumbles (a sort of rough rough draft of the shows) and runs (the rough drafts, without technical support).  I’m starting to see great work emerge, and it’s such a cool experience to see the shows evolve.  In the costume shop I get to drape a costume for the first time ever! This is a way of making a costume that involves no pattern, just placing fabric on a mannequin and making it look pretty- I’m pretty thrilled.  It’s also a really great feeling to watch someone who has never sewn before finish a project- I feel as proud as a PTA parent!

Classes are keeping us pretty busy too.  We just finished our last play for seminar, and I really think all ten plays we have read have been instructive in really different and valuable ways.  In movement we are currently doing Laban work (incorporating movement into text) and just finished up working on the International Phonetic Alphabet.  We were all surprised to learn that we all said everything wrong! =b  In movement we recently did a lot of mask work, learning about following our instincts and the subtle nuances in movement.  This week we have been doing contact improv, which feels like playing!

There’s much more to do, but I really believe we’ll get it all done and we’ll have fun doing it.  Onward!

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January 19, 2010

Class, shops, rehearsal, sleep, repeat.

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Woah woah woah, hey there week three! We’ve been keeping so busy it’s hard to believe auditions were a mere fifteen days ago.  However, I’m constantly impressed with the levels of commitment, hard work, and understanding that my fellow rep termies display.  We’ve all had to give up a lot (recreation time and extracurricular activities; for example I missed much of my sorority’s recruitment) to do this thing we love, but I think I speak for us all when I say it’s well worth it!

The costume shop has been hopping this week.  Last week included a trip to Chicago to look for fabrics and various articles of clothing- a long day that was VERY successful! Now that the trip is done, I have utilized by O.C.D. skills to create several charts to keep the shop (rep termies and teaching assistants alike) organized.  There were about a thousand people in the not-so-big studio on Monday, but everyone had a job and did a great job moving along! I have full confidence that we’ll keep progressing in this way, and feel like such a mother hen when someone new to the shop completes an aspect of a project!

Seminar has also been busy busy busy lately. We read about a play per class, Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  I have to admit, I’m pretty picky about plays (I generally prefer post-Eugene O’Neill), and therefore have only really liked one that we have read so far, the most recent.  It was The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Brecht. Regardless, it’s actually been really fun to read lots of different works and relating them back to Angels while also exploring the themes that are applicable to our lives.  Movement and Voice classes in conservatory have been similarly enlightening.  Jen and Liz have really encouraged us to explore our own habits and to experiment with ways of correcting the things we do wrong.

All in all, it’s been a busy week amongst a term of busy weeks.  I look to the adventures and surprises that each day brings- they keep life interesting!

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January 13, 2010

And so it begins…

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Carla HamiltonHey there! My name is Carla Hamilton and I’m a senior (guuuh) Rep Term XV company member.  I recently completed my Psychology major here at Knox, and will graduate with minors in Spanish and Theatre.  Other than theatre, I am involved with Delta Delta Delta, Knox Ambassadors, T.A.B. (Theatre Advisory Board), and am a T.A. (teaching assistant) in the costume shop.  Uh oh, I guess half of those are still related to theatre… well, my friends know where they can find me!

I have known that I wanted to be involved with Rep Term since I heard about it as a senior in high school (from a friend who was later involved with Rep Term XIV), and I feel as though this experience will be the perfect capstone to my Knox Theatre experience.  I have taken both Beginning Acting and Intermediate, as well as acted in a handful of shows throughout my time here, which will inform much of the work I will do to portray Sarah Ironson in Perestroika and an Ensemble member in Millennium Approaches.  On T.A.B., I am the publicity officer- which will come in handy on the Publicity Crew.  I am also the Costume Crew Head for Rep Term, which I am very excited about as I love spending my time there!

More than anything, I am excited for the experience of Rep Term. The company is already family and we learn something new and interesting every single day.  The work we do is challenging, but I love every minute of it.  I’m super excited to share this journey with you!

‘Till next time,