Knox College Repertory Theatre Term XV

February 17, 2010

Welcome to Tech!

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Today was our very first day of tech! We had a paper due in seminar at 2:30, which was also when our call for tech was. There were a fair number of us who stayed up into the wee hours working furiously on writing. I don’t know if I want to divulge how late I was up, but it was fairly late.

There are still a few things that props has to do, but luckily I have until opening night to get everything done. However I am shooting to get things done before the final dresses for each show so that all the props will have been used at least once. The angel book is coming along fantastically! It’s so close to finished it hurts. I had some people make some fabulous posters for a funeral procession that takes place in Perestroika. The other big thing I worked on today was figuring out the correct recipe to make fake, edible, washable blood. I literally worked on this from 2:30pm until I had to be on stage for my scene at 10:30pm. Everything worked out very well and there is even a video of me and Lyle (another Rep termite) making the blood.

I have to get into CFA a little early tomorrow morning to test flash paper in the hopes of using it in our cue to cue tomorrow. So I’m off to bed early tonight.

I cannot believe there is one week until opening…


February 10, 2010

If we were dinosaurs (this is just what I heard from the costume shop)

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So yesterday was a big day in the world of props! We went shopping at Wal-mart and bought many of the things we needed on our shopping list. Some exciting things like Kleenex, cups, and glitter. There was much more and there is still more to buy.

After Nate (a guy on my crew) and I returned we had a photo shoot! Basically there is going to be this awesome prop that requires photos. I don’t want to give too much away. You’ll all just have to come to the show and figure out what it is! It’ll be really easy I promise. Here’s a hint: it will appear early on in Perestroika.

In other news, even I am not immune to illness. Last week I woke up on Friday morning feeling fine, but then I started to get dizzy in seminar. I went to the health clinic and found out I have some sinus fluid in my ears messing with the nerve that helps me to balance. It’s been going on since Friday and it’s rather distracting. I hope to get better soon so that I can keep giving 100% of myself to Rep Term.

I’ve just got to keep on chugging.


February 5, 2010

You know you’ve hit rock bottom…

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… when even drag is a drag.  -Prior, Millennium Approaches
We have hospital beds!!!  This may not be as exciting for all of you out there as it is for me, but this is great.  We’ve been working on borrowing hospital beds in order to stage the hospital scenes.  Not only did we find hospital beds to borrow, but we found some that were happily donated to Knox’s theatre department!  This is the satisfying part of all the hard work I do as a props designer.  I’m so proud of my crew and myself for accomplishing this task that seemed so daunting at the beginning of the term.

Today I really drilled my Yorkshire dialect with Liz.  She was very patient with me and even recorded all my lines for me.  Essentially this dialect is causing me to put everything I’m learning in voice class into practice.  I’m from the Midwest so I clearly like to talk laterally, and let’s not mention the fact that I have gravel youth speak.  It’s a challenge, but one I’m gladly taking up.

Our stumble through tonight went well.  Hopefully Perestroika’s tomorrow goes just as well.  Crunch time has started.  The Great Work Continues.

January 28, 2010

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

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Today was an exciting day in the world of props!  We had gotten in touch with one of the hospitals in town about possibly borrowing a hospital bed or two for the show and today we finally got to go over there and look at their stuff.  We’ll definitely be getting two IV stands from them and possibly some drip bags.  Also they may be willing to donate many old items to the theatre department that they won’t be using any more.  So even though they may not appear in the show we will be accepting the stuff.  In theatre you can always find a use for things.

This evening I had rehearsal as an actor.  My Yorkshire dialect is pretty good, but there are a few words that I’m still not getting quite right.  I need to just write out what exactly how to pronounce things and keep working on it.  Practice makes perfect as they say.

After rehearsal a big group of us went out to Senior Meeting.  We played pool and sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough on karaoke.  It was a great time and I had a lot of fun bonding with people.  This is the amazing thing about Rep Term.  You get to hang out with a people that you may only know slightly and you end up becoming friends.  We’re like a little family unit.  Rep Term isn’t just about getting to experience theatre, but getting to know others and yourself so much better.

January 21, 2010

Week 3… Really?

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Today was a day that was honestly not all that exciting for me.  I went to seminar and my work call was not very strenuous.  The most exciting part of my day was skating across campus which was coated in ice due to the freezing rain.
In seminar we talked about Bertolt Brecht and the use of satire within his play The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.  It is a pretty funny play, but I have a soft spot for Brecht as many theatre people do.  In work call today I got to do some dramaturgy work and focus on prepping for rehearsal tonight as an A.D.  This meant that I didn’t have to stay in CFA all afternoon, which is a rare luxury.  While researching for dramaturgy, I mainly focused on finding some information about homosexuality in the 1980s.  I found some great articles for people in the cast to read.  One focused on how the gay community used music to express things and another was about how people have viewed homosexuality as a mental illness throughout time.

In tonight’s rehearsal of Perestroika we focused on the transitions from scene to scene.  Working on a play is not always glamorous.  There are always nights when you must run through who brings on what for which scene over and over and over again.  This coming Friday we have our stumble through of Act I which is really exciting!

I’m continuing to work on my Yorkshire dialect and I have my first rehearsal as an actor this coming Saturday.  I’m slightly nervous, but in a very good way.

Finally be sure to check out the facebook fan page because you’ll get to hear me, as well as a bunch of other actors practicing their dialects, and in the same video I’ve done an interview about being props chair for both shows.



January 13, 2010

Like, wow, man totally Paleozoic.

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Gloria FelicianoHi everybody!  My name is Gloria Feliciano.  It’s hard for me to believe, but I’m a senior and current company member of Rep Term XV.  I’m a double major in history and theatre.  Although I spend lots of my time in the basement of CFA, I’m also involved in Sigma Alpha Iota (Knox’s women’s music fraternity), ATP (our colony which will be nationalizing with Alpha Sigma Alpha soon), and I volunteer for Admissions as a lunch host pretty regularly.  Another fun interesting fact about me is that I just returned from studying abroad this past fall in London.  I was involved with a program that studied theatre intensively and I’m already applying a lot of what I learned there to everything I’m doing in Rep Term.

Rep Term was one of the main factors that helped me decide to come to Knox.  Not only is Knox an amazing school, but they offer this great theatre program unlike any other in the country.  I feel like every class I’ve taken at Knox, not just theatre classes, has prepared me for my Rep Term experience.  I would give you a quick background on my theatre classes, but I’ve taken too many for it to be considered quick.

My roles in Rep Term (are you ready for this?) are as follows Prior 1 in Millennium Approaches, Props Chair for both shows, and one of the Assistant Directors for Perestroika.

I’ve jumped into my roles and I’m already having a fabulous time.  I’m having fun listening to Yorkshire dialects for Prior 1.  During our props work today we created peep stones for Perestroika and started to look into sparklers for Millennium Approaches.  Last night we ran our first A.D. rehearsal and things went very well.  It’s so much fun to see how people are approaching their characters and discovering new things within the script.  We’re all learning together.

I can’t wait to share my Rep Term experience with you all.