Knox College Repertory Theatre Term XV

February 5, 2010

What’s it like to lock yourself up in the sound booth?

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This week was fun. I really felt like I had no time to do anything, while still doing everything. I’ve been madly getting together sound clips and composing sound collages in anticipation of our paper tech on Friday. This stuff is coming together… less smoothly than I thought. There’s just so much searching required to find the right sound, and then rip it or record it.

Through trial and error, the sound collages end up taking roughly an hour to construct each one. This happens, yanno at like 3 in the morning. Then I show up to seminar the next morning feeling under prepared, BUT with a bag of the Oak Room’s finest grab-n-go breakfast in hand.

I’ve been working mostly on the cosmos wall for my crew call. The hardest part is getting this intricate lattice completely SQUARE. It is unbelievably frustrating and time consuming. SO many people have put in their two cents on this project, and because of it, there’s just no communication. BUT it’s DONE, and moved into Harbach. I really cant wait to see what magic Alix is going to cast on it!

Why is Neil looking at me funny?

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Okay. HERE’S something exciting. I hooked up the wireless receiver to the board today and I’ve been experimenting with running the signal through my computer to create LIVE sound effects! AHHH! Imagine me walking through Harbach, by myself, with a wireless mic clipped to my shirt, as my voice booms over the speakers saying the most badass things I can think of… yanno, like “You will be the champion of warriors!” and “Let there be light!” This is all made even more effective as Neil Blackadder walks into Harbach with prospective students… as I’m doing this. FUN.

So… that’s exciting to ME at least. And what’s more… our BRAND NEW wig microphone is here! It is SO tiny! Haven’t tested it out yet, but it’s gonna be SO sweet, come showtime!

January 21, 2010

Repterm: I love it, I hate it.

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I love how everything is coming along. I am learning so much from every aspect they’re offering. In Voice, we are really dissecting the formation of sounds, accents, and projection, which vastly supplements me as a singer too. In Movement, we are really becoming self-aware of our bodies. I, for one, am much more acquainted with what is going on inside me kinetically. Plus, I’m LOVING the yoga and Alexander methods we’re learning and using. I can now say that I know what a Sun Salutation Series is, and that it feels AWESOME.

But seriously. I am getting tired. Between repterm and my other commitments, I am feeling the weight on my shoulders. I am not a reader (biggest regret of my childhood), so having to digest 1-2 plays a week is actually quite the task for me. The faculty has actually directly told us to schedule in FREE TIME for ourselves, and believe me, that’s one assignment I will not ignore. :D

My sound design is coming along, but not as quickly as I’d like it to. My directors are so great and understanding, and because of that, we can communicate REAL well… and because of THAT, this show is gonna have one kickass sound design. Anyone like Duke Ellington?

January 14, 2010

Repterm YAY!!! wait, what?

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Pier DebesHello all!

My name is Pier Debes: reptermite, sound designer, and first-time blogger. I am a senior at Knox, majoring in Music and Education… ever since I was admitted to this institution, I’ve thrown myself into many situations. Choir, student senate, and studio theatre shows have made the list, but my most recent situation is quite the undertaking: Repterm XV.The burden is weighing down on many of us, and some are beginning to take the toll. Everyone in the company plays a crucial role, on and offstage, to the production. Besides the class reading, the papers, the work calls, the shop hours, and the conservatories, we are also putting on two plays. Not a lot of people realize the magnitude of this.

The people who are especially burdened are the students playing primary characters in the plays. Company members are not called for rehearsal EVERY night, but as I walk out of CFA, usually around 7 or 8, I remember that rehearsals are still going… every night, till 11. Memorizing lines is a full time commitment for much of the company. In their waking hours, I see them buried in a script, doing homework, doing their rehearsal notebook, or eating. Necessities, yanno?

But don’t think the production crew has it any easier… after the faculty has gone home, after security has locked up, and shut off the lights in CFA… there are still ‘termites about. Our stage managers and production managers will stay. Late. Till when, you ask? .  …until they are done.
As for me, I am having the time of my life in the company of 35 wonderful colleagues, and 5 outstanding professors. As the sound designer, I have a lot of creative reign and opportunity. The palate of music and sounds we are developing for the show is… AWESOME. …to say the least. Whitacre. JUST throwin’ that out there. More fun hints and tidbits to come!
Repterm has just started. The great work has begun.