Knox College Repertory Theatre Term XV

January 30, 2010

Embarassing Moments: Rep Term:

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Before Rep Term, theatre people didn’t know me too well… And now, along with new friendships, embarrassing and painful moments have occurred. I don’t mean drama—please, we’re all theatrical, but I seem to be having the best of luck making a fool of myself.  Before Rep Term, I saw myself as graceful but, so far, I have become a clumsy ogre-like creature or something…

Last week in rehearsal, I flung my scene partner, Lindsey Murrell (who plays Mr. Lies) onstage—no exaggeration here: she flew and had to duck and roll to safety—and yesterday during movement class while exploring Laban elements during mask work, I elbow punched a bruise into Kat Reiser’s right eyebrow.  Horrible…abusive… and completely unintentional.  Funny, but bad… and clumsy!  Rep Term is supposed to be a transformative process but if I accidently hurt one more person, I will seriously feel like a fuming, raging Godzilla crashing into all elements of the production process.

Today the embarrassing moment was more manageable because I welcomed it. We had an amazing fantasy make-up workshop with Knox alumna Allison Greaves and I got to make myself up as an antelope. Alix Dewald painted herself as fantastical fox and Carlyse Owens made herself up as a sort of “tree princess” with green skin and varying sizes of glitter.  We went to dinner with our faces on and shocked a few non-Rep Termers in the caf. Some people tried to pretend that we looked completely normal. Others asked about our Lion King appearances and others just stared. Ah, the mystery of Rep Term continues… and, it keeps introducing new facets to my personality, some animalistic and others ogre-like.

January 29, 2010


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Spending life in CFA started to drain me this week.  Instead of waking up and going to the gym like I usually do, this week when I woke up my body just demanded more sleep.  I slept almost eleven hours on Tuesday night because I went to bed early from exhaustion and woke up much later than I planned.  At first, I was quite angry about this because I had a lot of work to get done, but in hindsight I am extremely grateful for listening to my body’s plea.  Many people in the company have been sick this week, and I think the reason I managed to avoid its spread was by resting my immune system so thoroughly.  It is easy to forget that waking up shouldn’t be a chore.  Your body knows what it wants and sometimes you just have to give in.  I managed to get my work done this week with proper time management, and that is an essential skill in Rep Term.  I didn’t even have to go to bed at two in the morning, as I have accustomed myself to in the past three and a half years!  That and I just don’t have the energy to stay up that long when I am working all day.  I feel quite refreshed after a week of full sleep.

This week I have been working with Aisha on cutting pieces for the period style jacket that Shane will be wearing for Prior Prior 2.  It is a Tartuffe-esque coat and in fact is being cut from the same pattern he used for that show!  I have found that laying out pattern pieces and pinning them takes a lot of patience.  It isn’t the most interesting job, but I’m sure the finished product will be lovely.  I have also finally started regular rehearsals for Hannah, and it is a rewarding experience working on such a complex character as she.  I cannot wait to progress these next two weeks before tech finally hits!  Fifth week, here we come!

As a closing note, I found this lovely video made by the LDS Church during my research.  It’s quite witty.

January 28, 2010

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

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Today was an exciting day in the world of props!  We had gotten in touch with one of the hospitals in town about possibly borrowing a hospital bed or two for the show and today we finally got to go over there and look at their stuff.  We’ll definitely be getting two IV stands from them and possibly some drip bags.  Also they may be willing to donate many old items to the theatre department that they won’t be using any more.  So even though they may not appear in the show we will be accepting the stuff.  In theatre you can always find a use for things.

This evening I had rehearsal as an actor.  My Yorkshire dialect is pretty good, but there are a few words that I’m still not getting quite right.  I need to just write out what exactly how to pronounce things and keep working on it.  Practice makes perfect as they say.

After rehearsal a big group of us went out to Senior Meeting.  We played pool and sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough on karaoke.  It was a great time and I had a lot of fun bonding with people.  This is the amazing thing about Rep Term.  You get to hang out with a people that you may only know slightly and you end up becoming friends.  We’re like a little family unit.  Rep Term isn’t just about getting to experience theatre, but getting to know others and yourself so much better.

Silk Pajamas

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Hey there, lovely readers!

Sorry for the delay in blogs, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and was sent to bed =) Hope you missed me!

We’ve been busy as ever in the costume shop this past week! Everyone’s plugging along really nicely on their projects.  For instance, Alicia Vallorani and I have been working together to create a pair of red silk pajamas for the actor playing Prior in Perestroika (Shane Donegan). We’ve definitely had some hurdles: a collar that WOULD NOT sit right, seams that (I swear) ripped themselves out, and a pattern that was much larger than expected! But now we are close to the end and, I think, very proud of ourselves!

There’s some other really cool things happening in the shop.  Peter & Pat have been working in the dye area creating some REALLY cool looking things, several shop T.A.’s are hard at work creating dresses for the principalities (continental representations manifest as angels in heaven), and there’s even a Moses robe in production!

I, with designers Analise Rahn and Allison Smith and Margo (Shively), went into town last Saturday to search for various articles for the shows. It’s truly amazing what one after noon in Goodwill can accomplish.

Well, I better sign off now, I’m scheduled to be in the shop in three minutes and there’s still lots to do!

‘Till next time,


January 23, 2010

Keep Running, Running…

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I sang, popped, and shimmied all through Perestroika’s run-through last night with Black Eyed Peas songs running through my head.  This is my first run-crew experience and though I was lost at the beginning, I got into the choreography of it all by the end.  Their song Imma Be from their E.N.D. (the Energy Never Dies) album quickly became the theme song of the process.  Not all the lyrics are relevant, but the music (going through my head—because of course, we were very quiet backstage) relieved some of the stress of the rehearsal.  Along with other duties, my job was to place and remove a heavy platform onto the stage, which I, of course, weakly (and slowly) bumped into position. Though fumbley during the stumble through, I was at least comforted by the opportunity to dance skillfully in the wings.  Through striking and placing props, I’m actually in more scenes in Perestroika as run-crew than in Millennium as Harper, which makes everything feel more rushed and urgent and anonymous in a very important way. Mostly, I just enjoy miming jokes with people off-stage without the pressure of staying in character. It’s fun.

Yaaay Rep Term!

January 22, 2010

Inner Peace?

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“Love is an action.  It is wanting to do something for someone else.”

This is what one of the members of the Latter Day Saints Church said when asked if they had ever been in love.  I found this idea very interesting.  I agree somewhat, but I still believe actual love (as in being in love) is an entirely different kind of emotion.  I can see this idea of love relating more to family and friendships.  There is a definite difference between doing something for someone and wanting to do it for them.  Whether this young man believes that true love feels this way, I do not know.  Maybe he never has been in love.  I unfortunately was working at the Gizmo at the time of our meeting with them, so I was not in person for this encounter.  Everything I heard about it (and it seems like it went extremely well) was from Nellie’s information.  Nellie also described these men as having an inner peace.  They described how it was hard to keep up the lifestyle required of them, but at the end of the day it was worth it for how at peace they felt with themselves.  They were truly comfortable with their religion and beliefs.  This was refreshing in a way because all of the LDS Church members I have known personally do not seem to be this way.  Hannah, the character I am playing is a member of this Church and she definitely does not have peace with herself.  She tries to attain it, but she can’t.  She was raised as a Mormon and does not know any other way to try.  Even she cannot meet the all the requirements of the LDS Church, though she’d like to believe she is.  The peace these men acquired through the LDS Church apparently just goes to show that one religion can be perfect for one person but completely unfitting for another.  Everyone has different spiritual needs.

I love Rep Term and all of its discoveries!  That said, I can’t believe it’s already Friday again!  This week went by ridiculously fast and it will only get faster from here on out!

January 21, 2010

Repterm: I love it, I hate it.

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I love how everything is coming along. I am learning so much from every aspect they’re offering. In Voice, we are really dissecting the formation of sounds, accents, and projection, which vastly supplements me as a singer too. In Movement, we are really becoming self-aware of our bodies. I, for one, am much more acquainted with what is going on inside me kinetically. Plus, I’m LOVING the yoga and Alexander methods we’re learning and using. I can now say that I know what a Sun Salutation Series is, and that it feels AWESOME.

But seriously. I am getting tired. Between repterm and my other commitments, I am feeling the weight on my shoulders. I am not a reader (biggest regret of my childhood), so having to digest 1-2 plays a week is actually quite the task for me. The faculty has actually directly told us to schedule in FREE TIME for ourselves, and believe me, that’s one assignment I will not ignore. :D

My sound design is coming along, but not as quickly as I’d like it to. My directors are so great and understanding, and because of that, we can communicate REAL well… and because of THAT, this show is gonna have one kickass sound design. Anyone like Duke Ellington?

Week 3… Really?

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Today was a day that was honestly not all that exciting for me.  I went to seminar and my work call was not very strenuous.  The most exciting part of my day was skating across campus which was coated in ice due to the freezing rain.
In seminar we talked about Bertolt Brecht and the use of satire within his play The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.  It is a pretty funny play, but I have a soft spot for Brecht as many theatre people do.  In work call today I got to do some dramaturgy work and focus on prepping for rehearsal tonight as an A.D.  This meant that I didn’t have to stay in CFA all afternoon, which is a rare luxury.  While researching for dramaturgy, I mainly focused on finding some information about homosexuality in the 1980s.  I found some great articles for people in the cast to read.  One focused on how the gay community used music to express things and another was about how people have viewed homosexuality as a mental illness throughout time.

In tonight’s rehearsal of Perestroika we focused on the transitions from scene to scene.  Working on a play is not always glamorous.  There are always nights when you must run through who brings on what for which scene over and over and over again.  This coming Friday we have our stumble through of Act I which is really exciting!

I’m continuing to work on my Yorkshire dialect and I have my first rehearsal as an actor this coming Saturday.  I’m slightly nervous, but in a very good way.

Finally be sure to check out the facebook fan page because you’ll get to hear me, as well as a bunch of other actors practicing their dialects, and in the same video I’ve done an interview about being props chair for both shows.



January 19, 2010

Class, shops, rehearsal, sleep, repeat.

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Woah woah woah, hey there week three! We’ve been keeping so busy it’s hard to believe auditions were a mere fifteen days ago.  However, I’m constantly impressed with the levels of commitment, hard work, and understanding that my fellow rep termies display.  We’ve all had to give up a lot (recreation time and extracurricular activities; for example I missed much of my sorority’s recruitment) to do this thing we love, but I think I speak for us all when I say it’s well worth it!

The costume shop has been hopping this week.  Last week included a trip to Chicago to look for fabrics and various articles of clothing- a long day that was VERY successful! Now that the trip is done, I have utilized by O.C.D. skills to create several charts to keep the shop (rep termies and teaching assistants alike) organized.  There were about a thousand people in the not-so-big studio on Monday, but everyone had a job and did a great job moving along! I have full confidence that we’ll keep progressing in this way, and feel like such a mother hen when someone new to the shop completes an aspect of a project!

Seminar has also been busy busy busy lately. We read about a play per class, Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  I have to admit, I’m pretty picky about plays (I generally prefer post-Eugene O’Neill), and therefore have only really liked one that we have read so far, the most recent.  It was The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Brecht. Regardless, it’s actually been really fun to read lots of different works and relating them back to Angels while also exploring the themes that are applicable to our lives.  Movement and Voice classes in conservatory have been similarly enlightening.  Jen and Liz have really encouraged us to explore our own habits and to experiment with ways of correcting the things we do wrong.

All in all, it’s been a busy week amongst a term of busy weeks.  I look to the adventures and surprises that each day brings- they keep life interesting!

‘Till next time,


January 18, 2010

Playing with Makeup

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Who’d have thought that I’d be a sophomore in college and still be playing with makeup for fun? We had a production meeting today, in which I presented a few of my makeup designs to the directors and the rest of the design team. I’ve been getting a lot done, thanks to my lovely assistants. I will usually get one or two people assigned to my crew per day, which means I get to use their faces as canvases to make some of the more intricate designs come to life. It’s especially funny when I lead someone onto Harbach stage who’s got Angel makeup slicked over her face while the set crew is working on painting or assembling flats: I need to see what the makeup looks like from up in the house, and the set crew gets to have a giggle.

I’ve finally finished reorganizing the makeup cabinet, and have all my designs for Millennium Approaches more or less completed. I have certainly been keeping busy.

I also had my second rehearsal for the Angel’s Voice in Millennium as well as for Rabbi Chemelwitz. Our faculty and ADs never cease to amaze me with the depth of their insight. They have the remarkable ability to put into words things about my character that I cannot coherently describe. We have our first stumblethrough of Act One in Millennium this Thursday. I’m really looking forward to it!

Until next week,

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