Knox College Repertory Theatre Term XV

February 12, 2010

Hard Work and Play

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Exhaustion. That is what I feel at this moment. I’ve spent the last three hours in the catwalks hooking up lights, which isn’t hard at all, but hurts your back after a while of hunching over and walking. I also feel productive with how many lights we got hooked up, but we ran out of cable and had to leave ten lights behind.

We’ve also started full stumble throughs for both shows, meaning all of us have to be at the four hour rehearsals the entire time. We are all starting to feel the exhaustion more and more, and come tech week it will only intensify. Don’t get me wrong, the process is still fun and both of the shows are shaping up very well! We just need to prepare ourselves for the coming weeks if we thought this week was hard. It feels wonderful when our hard work is paying off so well.

I am also now helping create the lobby display for the performances and we have a lot of great ideas to work with from class. We want to make wing shaped structures with headlines from newspapers in the 1980’s to accompany the other information and make the display more interesting. We’ve also heard many other ideas, but we just need to figure out what we have time to do at this point. But I am determined to make it marvelous!

Classes have been really fun this week. We did a lot of Laban movement corresponding to our lines in Voice class and contact improv in Movement. The Laban work was extremely helpful for finding out nuances in our characters and contact improv included a lot of rolling on people and flipping over their backs. I bet everyone else at Knox College is jealous of our class material!

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