Knox College Repertory Theatre Term XV

February 22, 2010

London Bridge is Falling Down

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London Bridge is a metaphor for my excitement upon which Tech Week has taken its toll.  I’ve been thinking about what to write for a day…still nothing but TECH WEEK oozing from my pores. Tech week… This was my first tech experience and I was naively excited when it began.  Now I know better.  Yes, I fell asleep in many places I never thought possible: on panels, all over the backstage floor, on people. Anywhere because all we did was wait. It’s a four day doctor’s office, a purgatory, a prison.  I’ve gushed about Rep Term this whole time—I still love it—but my London Bridge of excitement is falling down. But then dress rehearsal arrived and made me giddy and nervous. Some costumes lighten my mood, quick changes stress me out, and the overall realization that this-show-is-happening-and-I-will-be-wearing-these-clothes-in-front-of-an-audience makes me expect more of myself, which makes me nervous that I won’t deliver…But there were moments tonight, as the show was running, when all of worries and self-criticism went away and I got to be Harper—for quick fiery moments—and it felt great. I can’t wait to feel that more and for longer and over and over again during the show. Tech was worth it…I guess.

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